There is an old saying,

“An Instant On The Lips,

A Lifetime On The Hips”

I heard this saying often growing up, as I did have a sweet tooth and do love my food. I am a proud foodie and enjoy exploring new restaurants and cafes. I also enjoy tasting new products that come onto the market. My family had restaurants and my mother taught me many recipes. Christmas was a feast of food from around the world.

I wanted to be a journalist when I was 18 but instead, I studied to be a teacher. From 1992 to 2000 I worked as a primary school teacher, teaching ages K-6 (ages 5- 12). In December 2000 I moved to Tasmania and due to the amazing food found there, I  started a food blog and when I returned to my hometown of Wollongong I continued the journaling.

An Instant on the Lips can also be related to saying things in the heat of temper or when in a stressful moment or environment. Some things, when said, cannot be unsaid. Some things stay on your psyche for life, affecting your self-esteem, life choices and in other ways. This is certainly true for children and young adults.