Last year I bought a Fitbit Ultra from Apple Store Australia.

This nifty little device tracks how many steps you take and wirelessly transmits it from a base to your online Fitbit account. I used my Fitbit a lot last year when travelling to Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji. Then when I got back it got lost in the bottom of my backpack and forgotten about.

Today I found it when looking for items to put into a care package for a friend who is in the Sydney Childrens Hospital in Randwick, Sydney.

Read more about Chloe and her struggle with Anorexia go here.  So far the care package includes an Apple iPad, wireless keyboard, Digital camera to iPad adapter, DriSuit waterproof scuba suit for her new iPhone I gave her for Christmas. I know how hard it is to live in a hospital for months, having an operation on my feet at age 9-10. Anything to distract you and help keep your spirits up is a godsend.

But I digress… I became excited and connected my Fitbit Ultra device to my computer

I then logged in to the website to ‘Track My Food on Fitbit’.

Below is my results for today. If I had forgone the glasses of Dolce Rosso my calorie count would have been half of the total. Eek! Looks like I need to avoid the alcohol to lose the kilos and get back into a size 16! That’s my goal. Size 16 and then Size 14. And to remember to count calories – something I am definitely not used to!

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