I was in town for an appointment and went in early so my hubby and I could have lunch somewhere. It’s hard to decide where to eat but we decided to try something new after walking up and down lower Crown street Wollongong.

I kept being drawn to Ha Long Bay and their $9.50 lunch specials so we decided to venture in. There is something thrilling about stepping out of you comfort zone and trying a new restaurant rather than going to your favourite. I was excited by the menu in the window and something I had never tried before – yellow curry.

Intrigued, I checked into Ha Long Bay Vietnamese Restaurant on Facebook.com only to find another person had checked in as well. It was the first time I had been in a location with a fellow Facebook diner and said hello 🙂

My hubby and I sat at a table at by the window to take advantage of the soft window light to help with the photos taken when the meal came out.

After much agonising over what to choose hubby settled on the combination stir fry with crispy egg noodles. He didn’t want rice, noodles or soup so the crispy noodles was a nice change.

We ordered a pot of green tea ($4 for two people) and sat and chatted whilst we waited for our meals.

Mine arrived first – yellow curry seafood. It was absolutely delicious! A creamy and very mild curry with assorted seafood and perfectly cooked vegetables with a serving of rice. I struggled to finish it but enjoyed each and every bite.

Hubby was equally pleases with his stir fry combination which was tasty and included a mixture of meats and vegetables.

Again he struggled to finish but we left full and content as we headed out to the Crown Street Mall.

I now have a new favourite foodie treasure with many menu items I will be returning to sample. Even better I have now found a mild curry I can recommend for those that like Thai / Vietnamese curries but have a low tolerance for chilli.

My husband informed me that red curry was the hottest, followed by green curry and then yellow curry. I did a google search for “yellow curry” and learned that it is customary for it to include coconut cream and coconut milk, garlic, cumin, chilli, turmeric and other ingredients. Definitely something to try when spicy foods are off the menu.

[ Image of menus by CM Cheng Design ]

Ha Long Bay Vietnamese Restaurant
52 Crown Street Wollongong
(Opposite the now defunct Wollongong Ice Creamery)

Phone: 0242 250328

Cuisine: Vietnamese

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