Today I received an email fromGourmet Traveller website. It’s a wonderful free resource that you can subscribe to. I love drooling over the food porn and learning how to cook foods that have just come into season.  Many of the recipes are gluten free and absolutely delicious!


Australian Gourmet Traveller mint recipe feature including recipes for raspberry and mint mojito, goat’s curd and mint tartlets, crunchy beetroot and mint salad with labne and many more.

I just bought some baby beets and was wondering how to cook them when I saw this series of mint recipes and found the perfect salad incorporating beetroot, mint and labne (yoghurt). Yumm!

Serves 4 
Cooking Time Prep time 20 mins (plus standing)
Crunchy beetroot and mint salad with labne

4   beetroot, cut into matchsticks on a mandolin
2   Lebanese cucumbers, seeds removed, cut into matchsticks
1 cup   (firmly packed) mint leaves, coarsely chopped
200 gm   natural thick yoghurt
Lemon dressing
150 ml   olive oil
50 ml   lemon juice

1 For labne, place yoghurt in a fine metal sieve placed over a bowl and refrigerate overnight to drain (discard excess liquid).
2 For lemon dressing, whisk ingredients in a bowl to combine. Season to taste and set aside.
3 Combine beetroot in a large bowl, add lemon dressing, stand for 5 minutes, then add cucumber and mint, toss to combine, transfer to a platter, dot with spoonfuls of labne, season to taste and serve. 

This recipe is from the June 2010 issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller. To sign up for the newsletter visit the website and fill out your name and email address on the right hand side column (see screenshot below) and you will be emailed with weekly features, recipes, etc.

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