Earlier in the week I answered the door to a young man who was promoting Hello Fresh

He offered me a 50% OFF promotion on a Classic Box for $35 which is normally $69.95. 

Whilst we talked about Hello Fresh I thought it sounded like a great idea. Not only would I learn new recipes but there are exact ingredients along with all the recipes delivered right to your door when it suits me. No more wast​ing​ food and money. I love a bargain and signed up on the spot.

Early this morning my delivery arrived and I was very impressed with the fresh produce and excited to get started cooking! They make it so easy with larger than A4 size recipe cards with easy to follow, step-by-step recipes. You can also follow along on the Hello Fresh mobile App once signed in. 

So how does Hello Fresh ordering work?

First, click the link in this post to add a $50 OFF voucher VANPIK to your cart. Alternatively, you can just use my code VANPIK to be eligible for this amazing saving.  Feel free to share it with your friends!

Next, using the Hello Fresh website or app order a box with recipes and food (fresh and dried) like I received.  If you use my link you will get $50 off your box! If you buy a classic box of 3 meals for 2 people it will only cost you $ 19.95 instead of $69.95.

You can stop at any time using the Hello Fresh website or the Hello Fresh app by clicking ‘Skip Week‘. You can then choose how many meals and whether you wish the Classic, Vegetables Only or Family selections. Prices vary depending on the packs. 

You then select which day you would like the order to be delivered and they will text you a photo of the box on your doorstep delivered on your selected day.  Enter in your payment details and then proceed with the order and very soon you will have your own Hello Fresh box on your doorstep in no time. It is kept fresh with the aid of a freezer block and fridge bag to keep it cold for hours. 

You have a choice of meals to choose from. I chose Portuguese Style Chicken with Potatoes; Asian Minced Beef & Crunchy Soba Noodle Bowl; and One-Trat Pork & Italian Roast Veggie Toss. Each meal has its own bag and recipe card, making it easy to keep the meals separate. 

Hello Fresh recipe card

Below is a selection of photos of my unboxing process. Not shown is the chill bag with the meat which is kept cool with the use of a freezer block. I’ll take more photos next time. I was just to excited to open everything up and I was so happy with my selections. I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I have! We just followed the recipe for Portugese Style Chicken and it was delicious! ( Recipe here )

Bon Appétit!