Thai Siam - Curry Duck

Thai Siam, Cleveland: Roast Curry Duck, Seafood with Oyster Sauce

It’s Friday night date night again and a visit to our favourite, the Thai Siam. The lovely Josh takes our order A firm favourite Thai meal is Red Curry Duck. It is just so flavoursome and hearty. I’ve eaten duck so many times you think I’d be quackers! Sorry for the pun. Hubby chose some […]

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Thai Siam - Mixed Platter

Thai Siam, Cleveland – mixed entree and red curry duck

[ Mixed entree ] A wonderful selection of entrees including satay chicken, coconut prawn, spring roll and dim sim. Next we order Thai Red Curry duck and rice. My favourite Thai meal. I can always count on the duck being succulent and the red curry sauce to make me feel warm all over. Delicious. [ […]

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Thai Siam

Thai Siam, Cleveland – Sang choy bow and red curry duck

Another visit to Thai Siam. We decide to go with our favourites – Sang Choy Bow and Thai Red Curry duck. Sometimes you just have to go with something you know will satisfy. [ Chicken  Sang Choy Bow ] There is something just so satisfying about eating Sang Choy Bow. I think it is that […]

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Thai Siam - Red Curry Duck

Review: Thai Siam, Cleveland has moved!

I love visiting new places to eat and drink but sometimes you just feel like returning to a fond favourite. That’s what Thai Siam is for my husband and I. The restaurant was once located in Wynyard Street, Cleveland but has since moved around the corner to Queen St, Cleveland,  a short stroll from Coles […]

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