Hi! My name is  Vanessa Pike-Russell and this is my Food Blog.  I have been a food blogger since 2000 when I moved to Hobart, Tasmania for two years and would take photos of the amazing food I experienced there to share with loved ones. When I moved back to my home town of Wollongong, NSW in 2002 I continued my food blog as Illawarra Food Reviews. Fast track to 2011 when I decided to move to Brisbane, QLD in the town of Cleveland and I needed a new name for my blog.

As a teen my mother would often use a saying when I was going to eat something fattening.

“An instant on the lips, a life time on the hips”

I love to take photos of food that instant before it reaches my hips and add to the phrase ‘So savour every bite’

I enjoy exploring new recipes, trying new restaurants and cafes and love exploring food and new products on the market. If that sounds like it is for you, please subscribe to my blog and follow us on Facebook!

I also create websites. If you are interested in your own food blog or business site contact us at http://www.rightclickwebsites.com.au


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