There is an old saying,

“An Instant On The LIps, A lifetime on the Hips”

I heard this often growing up, as I did have a sweet tooth and love my food.I am a foodie and food photographer. I have a Bachelor of Education and once was a primary school teacher. In December 2000 I moved to Tasmania and started a food blog and when I returned to my home town of Wollongong I continued the journaling. In 2018 the hosting company deleted the website but there are old entries at aninstantonthelips.blogspit.com

An Instant on the Lips can also be related to saying things in the heat of temper or when in a stressful moment or environment. Some things, when said, cannot be unsaid. Some things stay on your psyche for life, affecting your self-esteem, life choices and in other ways. This is certainly true for children and young adults.

As a teacher I came into contact with children with low self-esteem and one child, in particular, was aged 7 and was about to repeat Kindergarden a second time and a local store owner encouraged me to tutor him in an empty shop. When I met the young man he looked into my eyes and said “I’m a bad learner” and he almost broke my heart as he looked down at his shoes and scuffed his shoe, sad and verbalising how he felt. I was asked what he needed for the tutoring and I said ‘Just himself, and a smile”. The young boy looked up into my eyes and smiled, and we started our tutoring and soon he was able to read books for the first time and started to excel in class. He was my first official student and I enjoyed the experience immensely.



I believe in lifting people up instead of putting them down. Affirmations, Meditation and counselling where the psyche has been affected by words and actions throughout their life.

It is easy for young children, young adults, adults and those who are not well physically to become depressed or physically unwell to have low self-esteem as they remember the words and phrases of others. I myself have caught myself saying something damaging to a person with the exact words of another, then regretted it. Peaceful Conflict Resolution is a powerful tool to learn and positive affirmations, tapping and meditation help me to keep me balanced and happy. I will be going into more details later.

I am a comfort eater and would eat out the fridge and cupboard with sweet and savoury snacks in response to a negative interaction but now I usually stop myself and do positive affirmations, tapping and meditation, getting to the crux of what I was responding to and allowing myself a small treat instead of eating the whole packet of tim tams, for example. I often make up some herbal tea, put on meditation music and self-soothing in a non-destructive way. If that doesn’t work I will often go for a walk, talk to my su[pport network or write a journal entry which helps me to dispell most of the negativity and focus on gratitude entries as well, helping me to keep balanced and happy. Hiding my snack foods out of site and not front and centre also helps me to avoid them.



I will be doing new product reviews, restaurant reviews, travel entries and other blog entries focusing on health, events and food intolerances as well. I am sensitive to gluten and wheat so I often modify existing recipes so that they are a joy to eat and not the pain, discomfort, bloating and IBS that I often experience when I don’t avoid wheat and gluten.

I hope youi enjoy the entries and I welcome high quality guest entries and feel free to email me at aninstantonthelips@gmail.com